You know timing is important

Flu season can start as early as October and last as late as May. The CDC states that you can get a flu vaccine as early as vaccines become available. So while the best defense is getting vaccinated before the flu season starts, getting vaccinated any time during flu season helps protect you and those around you from infection.

When do you get vaccinated?

And what does it say about you? Click on the bubble that best describes when you get your annual flu vaccination, and find out your flu identity.

Fashionably Early

You’re always prepared and don’t want the flu to keep you down. So you get vaccinated before flu season even starts—as soon as the vaccines become available at your doctor’s office or pharmacy.

Feeling Fine in Fall

Whether you're handing out candy on Halloween or passing the potatoes at Thanksgiving, you want to be protected from the other thing autumn brings: the start of flu season. So you get vaccinated around the time flu tends to start circulating—in the fall months.

New Year's Resolution Maker

New year, new motivation to make healthy choices. Flu season may seem over, but it can actually last until May. So the winter months are still a good time to get a flu vaccine.

"Ooops, I Forgot"

You may have missed this flu season. But good news! You’re ready for next year. Doctors start stocking flu vaccines in late July and you can get one as soon as it’s available.