What should you know about FluMist Quadrivalent?

FDA approved to help protect against the flu with FluMist Quadrivalent—

the flu vaccine that starts working in the nose, where the flu typically starts.

It's the only nasal-spray flu vaccine that starts working where the flu typically starts—in the nose

  • FluMist Quadrivalent helps protect eligible children and adults ages 2-49 from the flu*
  • It works in 3 ways—in your nose, your cells, and your bloodstream—to help provide flu protection
  • Like the flu shot, immunity occurs within 14 days
  • Helps protect eligible adults and kids from the 4 strains of the flu contained in the vaccine

* FluMist Quadrivalent may not protect all individuals receiving the vaccine.


More than 100 million doses of the nasal spray flu vaccine have been distributed since 2004